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I rent out equipment, but only on a small scale. Is LeisureKing still suitable for my company?

Absolutely. LeisureKing is suitable for both smaller and larger rental companies. Your inventory needs to be updated, no matter how small or large your company is. In addition to that: small companies do not necessarily stay small. Join LeisureKing now and you are ready for the future!

I have multiple locations and I would particularly like to keep a view on those. Is that possible?

One clear and easy overview: that is what LeisureKing stands for. Multiple locations are not a problem. One view is all it takes to see which locations are busy and which locations have sufficient equipment in stock. Other locations have the same views. That way you do not have to disappoint customers anymore, but instead you can redirect them to a different location immediately.

LeisureKing is free. Why?

It is correct that LeisureKing is free, but it remains to be seen for how long this will be the case. We would like to become known nationally as a solid, simple and reliable system. Entrepreneurs who join us now can use and continue to use our software for free, but if you wait to see the benefits other companies gain, there is a chance you will have to pay if you join later.

I would like to have a look at the system. Is that possible?

Currently we do not have a demo online, but we would be happy to visit you for a demonstration.

Can LeisureKing be connected to my own website?

Of course. LeisureKing can easily be implemented and incorporated into your own website. That way your customers can book online, the reservation is registered in the LeisureKing system immediately and your inventory is updated simultaneously. And you did not have to do a thing! It is all done automatically!

Can I test LeisureKing for free?

LeisureKing is free of charge, you can try our system for free for a few weeks. Then you will notice how user friendly LeisureKing is. If you do not enjoy using it, you can quit easily.

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