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LeisureKing is looking for agents abroad

LeisureKing is a fast growing company in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany but we miss the right agents in other countries of Europe. Many companies in the leisure industry don’t have the possibility to book and pay online. Despite the fact that online booking and paying is very normal for airfares and hotel stays, it is very strange for bike rental, scooter, boat and other outdoor activities. These activities are usually arranged by small companies. Those companies do not realize that everything will be booked and payed online within two years.

LeisureKing had developed an application which is suitable for all types of rental and outdoor activities. This app meets all the needs of such companies. You overview your inventory online with LeisureKing. This makes it possible for your customers to book and pay online without unnecessary telephone calls or emails. LeisureKing makes it possible to connect the services of this companies to booking websites to increase the findability and when found it will increase your bookings.

The consumer will soon be able to book every hotel or activity online. The consumer can check if the activity of his choice is available within seconds. Also the guest is able to check where and when the materials of his choice are available online, he will book and pay sooner.

The advantages of LeisureKing:
  • » Digital inventory managing

  • » Never too few materials

  • » Online booking system

  • » No more bookings by telephone or email

  • » You only need to pay when you use the system for online reservations

  • » No monthly costs or tedious agreements

  • » Hundreds of other companies are using the system

  • » Your services are online bookable via your own website and connected with your inventory

  • » You decide the lease period or the period of the activity

LeisureKing is looking for agents abroad. We are looking for users and agents who want to represent LeisureKing in their own countries. These agents receive a new customer fee and they also earn 25% of the earnings of LeisureKing. This means that the agent earns money with every booking in the system.

Criteria agents:
  • » Affinity with the leisure industry

  • » Interested in software

  • » Willing and able to sell

  • » Networker

  • » Prestige fee negotiable

Interested in our system, tailor-made solutions or just curious to be an agents? Sent an email to

You rent out?

Maintenance and inventory of your equipment takes a lot of time and attention. Inventory is very important. After all, you are in the rental business and need to rent out a lot of equipment. Imagine this whole process happening completely digitally. The customer books the equipment via your own website and pays using his mobile telephone or tablet. It is all done online! No unnecessary telephone calls, emails or paper diaries. This efficient digital evolution saves you a lot of time in the booking process. Time you can spend on the fun sides of business! Moreover, by using LeisureKing you meet the requirements of today's customer who is used to booking and paying online in everyday life. Let's be honest, you probably prefer to book a hotel room online as well?

So how does it work? Using your smartphone or tablet, you can check the online cash register to view the daily revenue, reservations, inventory and planning for the next few days. Staff costs are reduced and you have time left for innovation. Your revenue and profits increase. And another benefit: the equipment is paid for in advance, so you are certain the customer will show up; even if the weather is not perfect.

We help you to make good old money again, but in a modern day style, called LeisureKing style: Free software for companies that deal with renting out equipment and more.

What does LeisureKing do?

LeisureKing is a system that will make all the difference in your organisation, large or small. The difference between old-fashioned operations without the ability for your customers to book or pay online and an organisation that is ready for the modern consumer. An organisation that meets the customer's demands and that can provide services fast, simple and focused.

A major benefit is that automation of your booking and inventory system will save you a considerable amount of time. Time you can spend on developing new activities and events. In short, the things you are good at! This way, you are a (digital) step ahead of the competition! An additional advantage: because your customers book and pay in advance, there is a much better chance they will actually show up, resulting in improved revenue for you.

LeisureKing provides insight. For example: you have multiple locations, but you do not have an overview of your complete inventory. You would like to know the actual revenue per location. You would like to know which activities are the bestsellers. LeisureKing provides online insight into bookings, available equipment and received payments. By using LeisureKing you generate more revenue and save on staff costs at the same time. An efficient and effective system for everybody who operates in the greatest industry in the world: the leisure industry!

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