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From reservation by telephone to online reservations

Contact by telephone is essential for your company: you receive reservations for a bike, scooter, shallop, boot, canoe or get other questions about your activities, by telephone. The telephone rings all day, which is good of course, at least if you have nothing else to do. Meanwhile you are busy maintaining your materials or helping customers who rented a bike, scooter or canoe. LeisureKing is the solution to this problem. LeisureKing prevents you from being disturbed by telephone calls throughout the day, while you are carrying out other tasks. Your activities will be bookable online. LeisureKing is a reservations and ticket system, ensuring that the customer books and pays for activities through your website. In addition, LeisureKing ensures that your materials are organised and that you know exactly when the customer will arrive. All information is available in an organised digital agenda.

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