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Marco, Holiday Resort Droomparken:

"In addition to a very user-friendly system the event calendar of the Front Office App is a real added value."

As a marketeer it is your job to make sure the company you work for is presented to consumers in a unique way. But you must also make sure that the story you are telling is correct. At Droomparken our focus is guest experience and innovation. And we have been very successful in this for many years.

Our new concept Tiny Houses is also a big success. By combining a unique stay with fun activities in the immediate surroundings it allows us to give our guests a fantastic experience. That is why we use the Front Office App at our park in Otterlo. With this app we can sell entrance tickets for the Nationale Park De Hoge Veluwe to our guests directly. In the past we had to buy coupon books in advance. And this always caused a hassle at our front office. And sometimes we even lost a book, which literally lost us money. With the Front Office App we don't buy the tickets till the guests are at the front office. And they can pay for the tickets directly. We then print the tickets for free as a service from the app and we can also forward the tickets to the email address of the guest. It really is ideal! In addition, we also sell other activities in the area like hiring bikes and scooters. We also sell tickets for theme parks and even for our own activities. And our front office staff can easily find all the required information in the user-friendly app.

What I also think is an added value of the Front Office App is the regional calender that has been added. This allows the front office to see at a glance what local events will take place. LeisureKing, the developer of the app, is really helpful with ideas. For example there are plans to add the activities as an upsell to our Droomparken App. And once guests are in the park they can see through narrowcasting what activities and attractions are in the immediate vicinity. This way we provide an even better guest experience and that is what it is all about!

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