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Quotes van onze gebruikers

The support we receive is very nice, we can pass on extra requirements and they also look into the possibilities.
- Wery, Castle Amerongen

The system is easy to use, even for our less tech- savvy staff members.
- Mariska, Harbour Winkeloord

With LeisureKing I am sure I've received the money and they listen to my wishes
- Bernhard, B&B Boat Rental

I think it's ideal that I can indicate how many bicycles I have available for hire.
- Peggy, De Snelle Fiets (bike rental)

Thanks for providing a good solution!
- Douwe, Car rental Wiegman Terschelling

We highly recommend LeisureKing because of its ease of use and excellent service.
- Danny, Harbour van Oversteeg

I do not need to keep an inventory in Excel anymore and that saves a lot a of (unnecessary) work.
- Melvin, MH Verhuur (bike rental)

We have experienced the service provided by LeisureKing as very good!
- Nina, Nina Bellen (outdoor company)

LeisureKing saves me a lot of time. I do not have to worry about the inventory and people can just pay online.
- Peter, Laarbrug (outdoor company)

It's a clear system and works almost perfectly, ideal!
- Robert, Escaperoom Morskieft

The customers who come have already paid and that's what you want as an entrepreneur.
- Douwe, Scooter rental Wiegman Terschelling

LeisureKing takes care of us!
- Patricia, Escaperoom in Gouda

You do not have to be a programmer to set it up, and when you have questions you get the right help.
- Anna, Ferry Service Amsterdam

One phone call later I was logged in and within one day I was ready to go.
- Anneleyn, Leijnse City tours

Emailing and calling took up so much time, I can now focus on other activities
- Roy, Griffioen Outdoor

If customers pay in advance, they are more likely to show up. That means less no-shows!
- Marco, Scooter rental Friesland

LeisureKing removes barriers, and I think we have taken more bookings this year.
- Nadia, Maastrichtsloep boat rental

The big advantage is we are no longer always on the phone, giving us more time for other things.
- Els, Riverside Outdoor

The system is simple to use and all key features are included. We are very satisfied!
- Tim, Adventure park Valdeludo

I'm also bookable on
- Emiel, Hightide Surf school

In addition to a very user-friendly system the event calendar of the Front Office App is a real added value.
- Marco, Holiday Resort Droomparken

Surrounding companies benefit directly from our guests. That makes everybody happy!
- Saskia, Holiday Resort Vrijrijck Ermelo

Exactly what we were looking for
- Emil, National Park De Hoge Veluwe

The user experience is good, our customers can book quickly and easily.
- Kim, Escape Room Laboratory of Men

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