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A reservations system suitable for volunteers

A museum or amusement park, run by volunteers, is often challenging when admission or entrance tickets must also be sold online. Volunteers may not have much computer knowledge or some may even drag their heels in advance, hearing about changes in the work method. That is why you should choose a reservations or ticket system that can easily be used by any volunteer. LeisureKing is as such very appropriate!

Using LeisureKing, the ticket bought online can easily be scanned at the counter. The cashier or volunteer scans the ticket and can see and hear its validity. The scanner is connected to a computer. LeisureKing can provide a scanner as well as advice for a computer. This way, LeisureKing is happy to help you to be able to sell online tickets without any difficulty. The volunteers can receive training about the procedure, so they can get to work well-informed and without difficulty.

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