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Published on: donderdag 22 januari 2015

The difference between an old-fashioned way of working whereby customers cannot book or pay online and a company that is ready for the modern day consumer. A company that meets the customer's demands and that can provide services fast, simple and focused. LeisureKing: Booked, Paid, Done!

The big advantage is that digitising your booking and inventory system saves you a lot of time. Time you can invest in developing new activities and events. In short, the things you are good at! This way you are a digital step ahead of the competition! Another advantage: because your customers book and pay in advance, there is a much better chance that they will actually show up, so you realise more revenue.

LeisureKing provides insight. For example: you have multiple locations but you cannot see your entire inventory in one view. Or you would like to know the revenue per location. Or you would like to see which activities are the real bestsellers. LeisureKing provides an online overview of bookings, available equipment and payments received. By using LeisureKing you will generate more revenue and save on personnel costs at the same time. An efficient and effective system for everybody who operates in the greatest industry in the world: the leisure industry!

By entering your inventory, equipment and activities it is a piece of cake to keep track of your bookings, payments and revenue or to send automatic confirmations, print invoices and look at customer surveys. In short, LeisureKing makes your business efficient.

LeisureKing is the fastest growing booking and inventory system, suitable for entrepreneurs who are involved in leisure activities. LeisureKing is particularly suitable for small to medium businesses! If you have ever considered digitising your current way of working, now is the time to take that step. Are you ready for an online system that gives direct insight into tomorrow's revenue? Take that step with LeisureKing, make an appointment and gain time!

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