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What is the Front Office App?

Hotel, holiday park or campsite guests can make an instant reservation at the reception desk for a number of activities and attractions via Leisure King’s Front Office App. The offer overview shows the receptionist what’s on offer in one overview. Guests can be assisted in, for instance, bike rental and tickets for the Julianatoren with a single click. The tourist pays on the spot and leaves the reception content and with the tickets in his/her pocket. Tickets range from renting bikes and ‘escape room’ to amusement parks and museums. There is something good for everyone due to the diversity of the local activities offers in the offer overview. This way the tourist’s stay is combined with the most fun activities in the vicinity.

What does the Front Office App look like?

The Front Office App: an introduction

The Front Office app: the solution for?

Chris and Sophie are from England and are on holiday in picturesque Balkbrug. They are looking for fun activities in the vicinity of their hotel. What is there to do in Balkbrug? With that question they go to the reception of the hotel where they get a number of suggestions. The result is a lot of information about all sorts of activities and events and Chris and Sophie eft with a huge pile of brochures in their hands – not knowing what to do when. Unfortunately, the receptionist is not able to make any reservations so Chris and Sophie go straight to the local bike rental shop. Despite the language barrier, they soon find out that all bikes are rented out. Too bad for the time the receptionist spent looking for information, a missed opportunity for the bike rental shop, and bad luck for Chris and Sophie. And, on top of that, too bad for the missed extra turnover.

Advantages for hotel/holiday park/camp site

Higher turnover by sale of activities/tickets via the reception
Extra service for guests
Up-to-date information about availability of activities
A clear event calendar

Advantages for activities providers

Extra turnover but no extra work
Wider range (via reception and, among others)
Directly under the attention of your target group
Further name recognition

The reception as a revenue model

Chris and Sophie’s scenario is very much the order of the day. Because an overview of bookable and available activities in the surroundings of the hotel is lacking, the receptionist can only give out information. But just imagine: the receptionist not only gives out information about activities in the vicinity, but s/he also instantly earns money by selling them! No hassle with buying vouchers in advance but instantly concluding a commission-deal on the sale of activities and tickets. Hotels and activities providers can quite simply organize this between themselves by using the Front Office App. A win-win situation! And, last but not least: guests are happy with this extra service and it contributes to the preservation of local tourism at the same time.

I want to make my activities available in the Front Office App of the hotel near me as well. Is that possible?

The Front Office App is an indispensable tool for today’s hotel, holiday park or campsite receptionists. Like I said before, guests, receptionists as well as local companies offering activities are happy with the app. All that the local activities providers have to do to also make their range available to the hotel or holiday park in the vicinity is to use the LeisureKing system. This way the range is more easily bookable in the Front Office App, and the range will be instantly on And, on top of that, LeisureKing can be used instantly to make activities bookable online on the activities provider’s website.

Events calendar

Guests who come to reception desks are not only looking for activities in the vicinity, but also for fun, local, possibly free, events. That’s why the Front Office App now also has an events calendar. The receptionist can use this to easily look up all the events in the region and directly inform the guest. Guests will know what possibilities there are for a fun day out and the receptionist doesn’t have to carry out endless research to satisfy the customer – a handy extra feature that has resulted in many satisfied guests.

LeisureKing is now active on 3 levels thanks to the Front Office App

Your range will widen considerably with Leisure King and the Front Office App. The findability of your activities for new potential customers will grow on three different levels. Your activities are offered via, for example. But the Front Office App also allows your activities to be offered at reception desks and via the websites of the relevant hotel, campsite or holiday park.

1. Chris and Sophie are able to reserve an activity in advance via – wherever they are.
2. Chris and Sophie ask for an activity at the reception, the receptionist books it for them and prints their tickets on-site.
3. Chris and Sophie can take a look at the hotel’s website and book an activity, attraction or museum then and there – in the comfort of their hotel room.

And so we come full circle: LeisureKing links stay with activities and connects these to the tourist! Ready for adventures and new memories!

Want to use the Front Office app or do you need more information, free of charge? Please contact us, we’re happy to help you!

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