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Do you spend a lot of time answering all those e-mails and phone calls? Thanks to the booking and supply system of LeisureKing, you win back time for the fun side of entrepreneurship. LeisureKing is the standard for the leisure industry. Do you rent out boats, bicycles, scooters or do you own an escape room, bowling alley or climbing park? Then LeisureKing is the system that will save you a ton of time!

Thanks to LeisureKing, your activities or tickets can be booked online and paid in advance through your own website. After booking, your customer will automatically receive a booking confirmation with related information, while you receive a clear overview of the bookings of that day or week. In addition, any change in supply is also automatically processed. Do you have specific demands? We can also compose a custom programme for you. You can also always come to LeisureKing with any questions, as personal contact comes first.

LeisureKing does not come with extra monthly fees. When you start using LeisureKing, you receive a free trial account that is valid for 1 month. In addition, and if necessary, you receive unlimited free personal assistance from our account manager. This way, you can experience how much work LeisureKing takes off your hands. After this trial period, we ask a one-time payment of 199 euro per location. After that, we only charge costs for online bookings. These are so-called transaction costs and amount to 2% of the online booking, with a minimum of 0.99 euro and a maximum of 3.99 euro. The customer pays for these costs, although you can choose to pay for the transaction costs yourself.

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LeisureKing is useful for various types of companies in the leisure branch. Are you active in one of the industries below? Be sure to click on and find out how LeisureKing will be of added value to your company. Can’t find your industry on the list? Please contact us and we will check together what LeisureKing can mean for you.

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