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Fewer cancellations during bad weather, using LeisureKing

Your activities are reserved by email or by telephone, but unfortunately on the day you expect your customer, he cancels the activity because it is raining. You do understand, but you're not happy with it, as you reserved your bikes, scooters, mountain bikes or shallop especially for the customer. Besides, you didn't make the customer pay in advance and due to the cancellation you lose sales. Using the LeisureKing reservations system you prevent this and fewer customers will call you to cancel their reservation.

Making your materials bookable online and having the customer pay in advance, the customer is more likely to show up. Of course, some of them will still cancel, due to weather conditions, but then at least the money will be in your account. This gives you the opportunity to move the reservation to another date, free of charge. Should the customer show up, despite the weather, you can always offer or sell him a poncho. Switch to LeisureKing today. It is the reservations system that ensures that fewer customers will cancel because it is raining. We wish you good business!

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