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Extra turnover due to online reservations, using LeisureKing

You are prepared to offer your services online, but you fear that you will lose sales because customers won't order any extras. That is why you prefer contact by telephone, as you have done for years. This is understandable, as everyone knows that quality and attention are important features. On the other hand, your customer may just want to reserve and pay online and is not eager to make phone calls. If you are not bookable online, you might lose sales. Using LeisureKing, you will soon find out if being bookable online is suitable for you.

LeisureKing is an online reservations and ticket system that ensures that your activity is bookable online, with upsell opportunities. Therefore you needn't be afraid that you won't sell any extras anymore. Your customer can simply reserve online and if you prefer additional contact by telephone, you will have all the digital details to hand. Using LeisureKing you, as such, prevents losing customers and still you have the option to make follow-up calls.

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