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Customised activities bookable online, using LeisureKing

Your organisation always ensures customisation, which makes it unnecessary, or even impossible, for your services to be bookable online. But there are also periods during which you have less work or no work at all. Then you could use a little extra sales. Using LeisureKing, you can offer your activities online during these periods or on certain days. LeisureKing is a reservations system for activities such as shallop rental, Segway tours, escape room etc. For instance, the 2CV (Citroen Dolly): each Saturday these cars are rented out, based on customised programmes, but on Sundays they are unproductive. Or take archery: from Thursday to Saturday you offer customised programs. As such, you know that on other days this activity will not be booked.

Try to analyse when you rent out your material or activity and when you don't. Subsequently you can plan this material or activity on that particular day, for instance, only on Sundays, or only from 10am until 12.30pm. With a minimum of 6 people or a maximum of 10 activities. You determine on which days, at what times, the minimal turnover, the duration of the activity and the costs. In case you receive a customisation request after all, for instance, on a Sunday, then you stipulate that this day is not available. This makes the chance of more turnover more likely than when you do nothing. In addition, your offerings are visible on several other websites. As LeisureKing has many sites and AdWords campaigns with Google, you are likely to be found sooner.

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